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What to Bring to Meets...

SWIM BAGS should have Essential equipment for the meet:

    • Suit (team suit preferred, but solid black is also great)
    • Team t-shirt
    • Swim Cap (TEAM cap preferred! Or, solid black, blue, or silver)
    • Goggles (2 pairs just in case one breaks)
    • Towel (2 towels are suggested)
    • Books, cards, games to play in between events 
    • Chair or blanket to share
    • SHARPIEs!!! Blue and Black are preferred. Other colors are okay!
    • Extra water or sport drink - it's important to hydrate!
    • Heat Sheet
    • Money for concession (small bills preferred)
    • EZ-Ups/Canopy to block sun.  Not all locations have ample shade.

Other items of importance:

    • Sunblock/Sunglasses
    • Bug Spray - all places fog, but sometimes bugs just love you!
    • Camera
    • Good Attitude!!! That’s the most important of all!


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